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What Matters Most with Manufacturing

April 7, 2008

While dining yesterday with friends and colleagues, one of whom is a policy researcher in Washington, DC, the focus of our discussion turned to her research on the state of manufacturing in our country and its future. After much discussion about the history of manufacturing and the transition to the 21st century economy, we concluded that while researchers often look for one solution, idea or “silver bullet” to make U.S. manufacturing stronger, it is not that simple. In fact, it is a combination of factors that matter most: low taxes, affordable insurances including health insurance, a technically and culturally competent workforce, access to comprehensive communications and transportation infrastructures, AND an understanding of relevant market segments (both customers and suppliers).

Many studies have been completed to understand the past . . . I encourage policy researchers to shift their focus to understanding the future, these factors and how they work together to create a stronger U.S. manufacturing sector.