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Education is not about being close.

April 28, 2010

Today, I overheard a woman chatting on the phone with a colleague. She was seeking counsel to find out how to appeal a school district’s decision to send her daughter to her fifth choice and the school farthest from her home — so much for school choice programs.

What really irked me was that the mother said “I don’t need the best school, just something close to the best.” This was said in the context of her desire to find the best learning conditions for her daughter so she would succeed!

Attention educators and administrators — close only counts in horseshoes!


Social justice matters. God bless Sr. Dorothy!

April 14, 2010

Northeast Ohio has watched this case since the documentary “Who Killed Sister Dorothy” was featured in the 33rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. Social justice will happen when many, many, many people get together to raise awareness and object to the status quo. Thank you Daniel Junge for bringing this film and injustice to our awareness. This is why Cobalt Group sponsors the “Women of the World” sidebar at the Film Festival. . . knowledge is power!

God Bless Sr. Dorothy!

Conviction of rancher in murder of Ohio nun Dorothy Stang lauded by Brazilian activists, officials