Planting Technology for the New Economy

While I don’t often write about technology, it is subject of great interest and importance to me, personally and professionally.

Professionally, I have long championed a concept called “Comprehensive Technology Integration” (CTI). (A concept best illustrated with a series of concentric circles.)

A key premise of this concept is that for technology strategy to be effective and sustainable in organizations it must share a center. The center represents the primary customer of the organization. While the remaining circles all have a “line of visibility” to the core customer, they fan out in order of  priority with regards to their level of interaction with the core customer. But, everyone engages the customer, AND has access to technology to do so.

In short, CTI says that if technology is to benefit the core customer it must be widely available, relevant for each user, and used avidly by everyone.

Personally, I have been put off by the lack of technology access in the rural and less populated areas of our nation. If our new economy is to take root, then, technology must be planted and grown everywhere. In this scenario, the phrase “equal access” takes on a whole new meaning.

Footnote: The peer-reviewed academic paper on Comprehensive Technology Integration was presented first in London, England in 1994 with my colleague Nedra J. Alford.


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