Civil discourse . . . a definition

Last night, Oberlin College hosted NPR journalist Diane Rehm. As her son interviewed her in front of a standing room only crowd at Finney Chapel, Diane reflected and spoke honestly about her ethnic roots, her childhood, her coming of age, and the life changing moments that have made her who she is today.

She was never shy and offered her perspective on many contemporary issues including civil discourse. I paraphrase her definition which is powerful and meaningful:

“Civil discourse is our ability to have conversation about topics about which we disagree, and our ability to listen to each others’ perspectives.”

She commented further that, “Civil dialogue and civil discourse begin at home.”


2 Responses to “Civil discourse . . . a definition”

  1. mary davis Says:

    finally an understandable definition of civil discourse!

  2. Anthony Cipolle Says:

    Excellent; J C Murray would have included the studium as the market place of ideas.
    “Commenting further” i.e., civil discourse begins at home, sounds a lot like the definition of the “domestic church”

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