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Polyculture debuts . . .

March 26, 2009

It is more than starting. It is powerful with its local cast of Maurice Small of City Fresh, Rashidah Abdulhaqq of the Hunger Network, Ward 13 Councilman Joe Cimperman, and Emmy Levine of Wonder Garden (my favorite fresh produce purveyor at the Tremont Farmer’s Market), among many others. Every resident of Northeast Ohio (and beyond) must see this film.

The 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival is underway and this is a film not to miss. An extra showing on Sunday morning at 9:25 am has been added to allow the overflow/demand for this film to be met.


Why patents matter.

March 6, 2009

For some time, leaders in our community  have talked about the importance of the number of patents filed in our region/state as an indicator of our future economic health and viability.

Tonight, I was honored to be invited to a “patent party” in the Tremont neighborhood where NEW patent-holder Aaron Lemieux, founder of Tremont Electric, gathered family, friends and colleagues to celebrate the issuing of his first patent for an “electrical energy generator”.

Today, more than ever, this patent matters because it is a sign of the wide and varied innovation in our regional economy bubbling below the surface. While much of this activity is hard to measure, when a patent is issued, it counts.