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Local (people) matter.

December 14, 2008

While reading President-Elect Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope”, I was struck by a metaphor in Chapter Three that he used to describe the U.S. Constitution. . .  “[its understanding] requires a shift in metaphors, one that sees our democracy not as a house to be built, but a conversation to be had.”

It is this very basic philosophy that explains that people (and their perspectives) matter and it is their proximity to other people and perspectives that allows them to create a collective sense of place by, literally, breathing life and words into their surroundings.

People and place matter.


Local (place) matters.

December 14, 2008
Jacket image of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary


adjective 1 relating to a particular area. 2 relating or belonging to one’s neighbourhood. 3 (in technical use) relating to a particular region or part: a local infection. 4 Computing (of a device) that can be accessed without the use of a network.

noun 1 a local person or thing. 2 Brit. informal a pub convenient to a person’s home.

— DERIVATIVES locally adverb localness noun.

— ORIGIN Latin localis, from locus ‘place’.

Bright spots in our City . . .

December 3, 2008

. . . are often overlooked, minimized and under-reported. So I challenge everyone to commit themselves to finding one bright spot in our City every day.

Children learning in Montesorri school, parents dropping off their children at school and then heading to school themselves, teen-agers quitting a gang, graduates getting jobs, neighbors decorating together for the holidays, or even a bright white snowflake glistening in the winter sun.

My father always said  . . .If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.