What really matters today? IT matters.

As I worked in New York City today I realized that many of our leaders think that the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers is the breaking news of the day. I have news for them . . . what is the breaking news of the day are the myriad of other housing and banking challenges American families are facing as I write this blog entry.

Families in Texas don’t know where their next hot meal is coming from, residents of Northeast Ohio are seeking shelter and electricity in the wake of Sunday’s wind storm, and residents of New York City still have to get up tomorrow morning and go to work whether or not Lehman Brothers is open for business.

I think our leaders need to face the facts: our housing industry is in shambles, our banks are ghosts of what they once were, and thousands of more families became homeless today due to foreclosures, out of control utility and insurance costs, and because our country’s leaders don’t get IT!

That is, whatever IT is to you today!


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