No sharing. No substitutions.

I recently dined at a restaurant out of town which featured a “summer prix fixe” meal offering. While the selection of food and accompanying wine was perfectly paired, the bold print at the bottom of the menu stated “No sharing. No substitutions.” While we didn’t want to add new selections to the meal, we were quite surprised when we requested a slight modification and were politely told by the server “Sorry, no substitutions.”

Imagine going through life with the passion to plan and serve the most perfect meal only to realize mid-way through the experience that there was something more special to be enjoyed, shared and celebrated and that the rigid plan couldn’t adjust, accommodate or align itself with those it was intended to engage and serve.

Leaders who are successful share the process and remain flexible . . . always open to adjustments and improvements in the plan.

Life is too short not to SHARE good ideas, and be FLEXIBLE when acting on them.



3 Responses to “No sharing. No substitutions.”

  1. Successful leadership | Brewed Fresh Daily Says:

    […] No sharing. No substitutions. « Patti Choby addthis_pub = ‘brewedfresh’; Post a comment — Trackback URI RSS 2.0 feed for these comments This entry (permalink) was posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2008, at 9:07 am by George Nemeth and categorized in Leadership. […]

  2. Valdis Says:

    I can understand the substitutions part, but the No Sharing part is totally bogus! Part of going to a good restaurant is sharing what everyone orders. Trying all of the different flavors is part of the fun of dining with a group.

    I can see the restaurant designing a plate with special items, because they have the expertise. But once they set it down in front of you, then it is YOUR plate and you can do with it as you please.

  3. Elaine Says:

    You can’t demand what the artist sees in art.

    You can always, however, choose to celebrate that art in whatever way pleases you.

    Once the art becomes public, the beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. In my mind, there is no greater honor as a cook to watch people insist on sharing food they love.

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