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It takes a village.

June 16, 2008

While we should ALWAYS take the time to celebrate the life of and role mothers and fathers BOTH play in their children’s lives, we also should celebrate the countless people who support our children every day. Whether they are sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, babysitters, teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, etc.

Today, children need both parents and every available adult willing to help them through every day life.

“It takes a village” is more than a saying.


Leaders love the change in seasons.

June 11, 2008

As we head into the: summer season, presidential campaign season, summer vacation season, summer camp season, gardening season, out-of-school season, barbeque season, summer home project season, summer internship season . . . let us not forget that seasons mean different things to different people.

Effective leaders use seasons as a way to understand the communities they lead. Seasons allow the many dimensions of people to emerge, shine and grow.

Ask anyone this simple question: “What is your favorite season and what does it mean to you?”

You will learn more about that person in three minutes than you can even begin to imagine.

No sharing. No substitutions.

June 10, 2008

I recently dined at a restaurant out of town which featured a “summer prix fixe” meal offering. While the selection of food and accompanying wine was perfectly paired, the bold print at the bottom of the menu stated “No sharing. No substitutions.” While we didn’t want to add new selections to the meal, we were quite surprised when we requested a slight modification and were politely told by the server “Sorry, no substitutions.”

Imagine going through life with the passion to plan and serve the most perfect meal only to realize mid-way through the experience that there was something more special to be enjoyed, shared and celebrated and that the rigid plan couldn’t adjust, accommodate or align itself with those it was intended to engage and serve.

Leaders who are successful share the process and remain flexible . . . always open to adjustments and improvements in the plan.

Life is too short not to SHARE good ideas, and be FLEXIBLE when acting on them.