All leadership is local.

I have been very lucky lately. My path has crossed the paths of many committed leaders, young and old, wise and humorous, visionary and committed.

The one thing that all of these leaders have in common is that they understand they must lead at the most local level of their communities. Whether it is problem-solving with a resident who is trying to stop dumping in abandon yards on their street, helping a first-time candidate run and win a hard-fought campaign, finding a way to fight crime so as not to send it to the next neighborhood or keeping the same teaching post for over two decades in the same urban high school in spite of the revolving door in the principal’s office (because a history teacher knows that how he chooses to lead his students in his classroom makes a difference).

When choosing to support your leaders make sure they can lead at the local level. After all, all leadership is local.


One Response to “All leadership is local.”

  1. Valdis Says:

    And that is why “all politics is local” also!

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