Making change is a noisy business.

A very wise man once said:

“Dinosaurs screamed the loudest right before going extinct.”

And so do leaders who fear change.

As scientists have suggested, dinosaurs ruled the earth at one point in time because of their size and position in the food chain. Ultimately, though, their inability to adapt to a changing environment made their species extinct.

Leaders who fear change often do the same thing. They create a persona that is “larger than life” and then proceed to create noise, distractions, and even traps designed to neutralize the change agents in their midst. They do this to manipulate those around them in order to maintain the status quo. When they choose to throw their title around, exhibit controlling behavior and act out, it eventually catches up with them.

When a leader who fears change is screaming the loudest, they are about to go extinct.

Making change is a noisy business.

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2 Responses to “Making change is a noisy business.”

  1. Ed Morrison Says:


    Your post skirts close to another important issue: the topic of evil. Scott Peck wrote an excellent book, called The People of the Lie: Toward a Psychology of Evil. About a month ago, I participated in a forum in Louisiana in which we explored the issue of evil.

    He sees human evil as a combination of narcissistic personality disorder and a moral breakdown, a collapse of conscience.


    You are right on! I am a huge fan of Scott Peck and his book “The People of the Lie”. I recommend this book to everyone I meet when the subject of evil and resistance to change comes up in conversation. It is a must read for all leaders!

    It reminds me of another comment I find myself sharing frequently with leaders: “Don’t ask how to do something, ask why it hasn’t been done yet.” What this means is that there usually is at least one person serving as a barrier to change, and more often than not they are acting out of selfishness (at a minimum) – – or in more serious situations — because they are evil. As Scott Peck discusses in his book, one way to encourage evil to manifest itself is to speak “the language of love” — it works every time!


  2. The squeaky wheel knows it is about to get changed… « Crossderry Blog Says:

    […] Posted on May 29, 2008 by Paul Ritchie Patti Choby has a nice anecdote about change resistance (here).  A very wise man once said: “Dinosaurs screamed the loudest right before going […]

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