Leaders Are Everywhere!

There is this ongoing belief that leaders can be found only where there is a position, title or role. However, whether elected, appointed or self-appointed, a mere title doesn’t make a person a leader. In my experience working with leaders, I have found that leaders evolve over time around issues important to everyday life. . . not their position. And, they can be found everywhere. One leader I have admired for many years is Bob Lupton. The world can learn from his values, philosophy and (most importantly) experiences. Visit www.fcsministries.org. You will see what I mean and know instantly what real leadership is.


One Response to “Leaders Are Everywhere!”

  1. George Nemeth Says:

    Just wanted to say you’re doing an excellent job with these. Consistency is key. You’re making your points, linking to examples, and being specific. The posts are exactly the right lenght. Keep up the good work!

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