Help Wanted Ad: 21st Century Leaders

While I spent much of my formative teen and twenty years journaling, I drifted from the practice in later years when family, parenting and career progression consumed my solitude. I view blogging as a form of journaling. So, it is with great excitement that I am returning to this tradition.

While I hope to share more of my history and what inspired me to found the Cobalt Group in 1997 as a transdisciplinary planning, development and communications practice, today, I am compelled to focus on very timely issues like leader integrity, trustworthiness, track record and motives.

What is desperately needed of leaders in the 21st century is an ability to gather perspectives, create context and manage change. In short, history only matters if you learn from it, opinions only count if you choose to include those ideas and people in your action plan, and change really only matters if you have a record of leading and making change . . . and can demonstrate that it has been sustainable over time.

Periodically, I will dedicate these postings to important people in my life who have given me opportunities, guided my development when I did not have clarity, coached me when I was ready (or not!) to the next level of my development and, most importantly, mentored me when they saw something in me that I didn’t even know existed.

Today, this posting is dedicated to my parents, Bob and Joan, who continue to teach, guide and support the work about which I am so passionate. If not for their “leading by example” I could not be here today doing what I do.

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